"Pon nya, kan nya, chii nya, tsumo nya! Tanyao dora 12!"
Tip: beware the cat menace
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Mahjong Soul  (Android | iOS) Tutorial Included
Practice against AI
Learn How to Play
Basic video guide
Extensive video guide
How to play Video Game Mahjong
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Extra Study
Riichi Book 1
Riichi Mahjong Strategy
Mahjong Live Pastebin
Strategy articles
Mahjong IRL
Buying a mahjong set guide
Find Players IRL Article
Watch irl Japanese pro games (Abema)
/mjg/ players map
(Send your zipcode/location, user name, majsoul player ID (at the friends tab), a custom icon (or what you usually main) and a short message at eigamma@cock.li or just link a pastebin to the OP to add your location)


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