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News and Updates

Where to Play?

Mahjong Soul (Android / iOS) - English client. Tutorial Included!

Tenhou (Android / iOS) more competitive mahjong

Hime Mahjong (Android / iOS) - better gacha rates and more cosmetics, but no English translations

Gamedesign - Also known as "that flash game." Best place to practice for beginners if you don't want majsoul's AI. Very simple. Has a list of Yaku on the page as well. Singlehandedly keeping flash alive.

Learn How to Play

Basic video guide / Extensive video guide - youtube videos on how to play mahjong

Mahjong 101 in 20 Minutes! - vtuber Sio teaches you mahjong via majsoul's tutorial! En Captions available, but be prepared for tons of Japanese terminology

How to play Video Game Mahjong - a quick and dirty guide on how to play vidya mahjong

Mahjong Live Pastebin - an extensive list of mahjong tools, resources and information

Images that list all the yaku in the game - for more infographics, check out the booru's guide tag

Training Tools

Learn How to Play Better

Riichi Book 1 (Read online) - do you want to stop being bad at mahjong? Read this. RB1 is essential mahjong reading

Riichi Mahjong Strategy (Read online) - tackles more difficult problems and situations that rb1

More Strategy Resources - more in-depth guides can be found in the guides section

Anon’s Dumbfuck Vocab Guide - a dictionary for all the Japanese terms used by many in the threads

Glossary of Japanese Mahjong Terms - A glossary of almost every useful Japanese Mahjong terms including the yaku

Official Rules - official ruleset from the European Mahjong Association

Mahjong Wiki - for more in-depth rules about mahjong like furiten, atozuke etc.

Mahjong IRL

Mahjong Equipment Buying Guide - everything you need to know about owning a mahjong set irl

Find Players IRL Article - the section in the live pastebin about how to find mahjong players / clubs near you.

Abema - watch Japanese pros play mahjong live

/mjg/ players map - a map of the /mjg/ players.

  • Google form - fill this up to add yourself to the map, or send the info yourself at mjgrepositorie@tfwno.gf

/mjg/ Essentials

Mahjong Soul Emotes - emotes ripped from Mahjong Soul

Majsoul+ Mod List - a list of the available mods for Majsoul+ made by anons in the thread, from utilities like anonymizer to other cosmetics

/mjg/ Booru - the Mahjong >Soul General Booru

Hime Emotes - himebros deserve some love as well