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Majsoul Plus
Getting Started
Known Issues
Default Mods
Mod list

Majsoul Plus

Majsoul Plus is a desktop client for all Majsoul server regions. It should theoretically run smoother than the browser app, as it's not running in your browser session filled with a billion tabs of god-knows-what. It should also load things a little faster as it maintains a static cash of game assets on your PC, so it's not subjected to the whims of your browser's cache. Lastly, it has modding support, so you can use custom tablecloths, turn Chiori into a duck, use the Japanese yaku names, etc.


Getting Started

  1. Grab the latest 2.x version for your OS here: As of writing, this guide is for 2.x versions of Majsoul Plus, so it might not be accurate for newer ones.
  2. Run the installer, or extract it to a suitable location and run the executable named 'Majsoul Plus' to open the launcher
  3. Go to the settings tab, change the server region to 2 (or whichever is correct for your region), and hit save
  4. Hit 'Launch Game' and log in as normal when prompted


Known Issues

If you're migrating from an earlier version, you might get some error relating to a route having disappeared when trying to log in. If this is the case, browse to %appdata%, delete all the Majsoul Plus folders and launch the game again.

If you have framerate issues, try messing around with the GPU options in the launcher.



Mods are split into two types:

Extensions use javascript and can change game behavior, apply userstyles, and do all kinds of fun stuff. Resource packs are simple one-to-one or many-to-one asset replacements using JSON

If you want to try and get your head around how it works, have a look at the default mods, the ones below, and/or the wiki (in Chinese) here:

There is also a modding guide here:


Default Mods

The default extension by Majsoul Plus Team enables the lv.5 voiced yaku names regardless of whether you've unlocked them.

The other two default extensions seem to be related to the Chinese server, and one might just be an example extension.

The default resource pack with the duck icon replaces Chiori with a mallard duck and replaces her voice lines with quacks.



The only tool so far is a default one that lets you create custom tablecloths.

After launching it, click the top box to browse for a suitable image, then change the slider to adjust the brightness.

The four fields are as follows: folder name, name, author, description.

Once you click ok, you can enable it from the extensions tab.

Don't forget to disable the tablecloths you aren't using.


Applying Mods

In the extension/resource pack tab, click the import button in the top-right, and browse to the mod file you want to add.

Once you've added it, click the button under the mod to enable it. It's possible if you used the installer (I didn't), that you can just run the .mspr/.mspe files to add them automatically.

You can also open the .mspr/.mspe files with 7zip and manually extract them to the appropriate location (%appdata%\Majsoul Plus...); just make sure you're putting them in the right folders, and hit refresh and enable it.


Mod list

mspr = Resource Pack
mspe = Extension

Character Swaps



Change buttons

Replaces 'Riichi', 'Ron' and 'Tsumo' prompts with 'Free Sex', 'Rekt' and 'Skill' respectively

v2 - Here's a fix for the custom buttons resource pack, for those who use it. They moved around the buttons in the mjdesktop2.png image for the wareme gamemode for some reason.

Old Versions: [v1]


Replaces the localized yaku names with the Japanese ones. WEEB_LEVEL is configurable in script.js.

drive backup


Press ctrl to hide names.


Changes the fingernail and hand colors in-game. You can also go into the script to change the values for certain characters' hands and nails. For example, Dancers hand is currently set to a darker tone.

gdrive backup



Umineko (Sound Effects)

Replaces some of the game sfx with umineko sfx.

gdrive backup

Umineko (Sound Effects + Music)

Umineko sound effects but with more resources.

Version 2 - changes riichi music to goldenslaughterer

Version 3 - I have it set to have Charge (which is our goalhorn in the 4cc!) to Dread of the Grave, Serious Game to goldenslaughterer, On The Edge to Worldenddominator, and the one that I don't have to Final Answer. I hope you enjoy!

Old Versions: [v1] [v2]
gdrive backup

/mjg/ 2hu Tileset

Are you tired of the same old tiles? Want to get some flow? Put on your best touhou remix, and install the official /mjg/ 2hu tileset


  • man sakuya, flandre, remilia
  • pin youmu, yuyuko, yukari
  • sou reisen, kaguya, mokou
  • winds reimu,marisa,aya,suika
  • dragons alice, keine, china?

version 2 - new version of touhou tileset. I did what I had to do at the start, and cleaned the tiles (grey from photo -> white of mjs). Now it's much easier on the eyes.

version 3 - fixed for the new update

version 4 - cleaned up version of 2hu tileset, now replacing both numbered and not numbered tiles.

Old Versions: [v1 | gdrive] [v2] [v3]

Festive Win Screen Simple mod replacing the standard blue+light blue win screen with a more festive red+white
Polish Cat Hat and Hag

Replaces the voice lines of the f2p girls with a polack. Featured during the Secret Mahjong Tourney, minus the table and green and purple tiles.

Old Versions: [v1]

Maina-chan Appreciation Mod

A majsoul+ mode for the 30,000 Maina fans out there. Replaces the welcome screen, bgm and the mat into the CUTEST IDOL.

I've also made it easier to modify if you want to make your own themes. Just extract, replace the files inside the asset folder, change names in the json file and re-compress/directly place in the majsoul folder. For the mat, it's best if you first run the Mat making tool of majsoul+ and copy the file from the assets folder into your own theme folder.


Character Swaps

Akagi Shigeru Mahjong Demon

Are you tired of nyaggers? Are you tired of "FKMT collab when"? Are you tired of having no flow? This mod replaces nyaggers with the one and only mahjong demon Akagi Shigeru

Version 2 - dechinked botnet version

Version 3 - "As complete as it can get" - more yaku (no chiitoi, toitoi), replaced emoticons, improved a couple of audio files.

Old Versions: [v1] [v2]
gdrive backup

Washizu Mod

Are you tired of wasting space with Hag? No soul, no players, no emote...
Time to replace her with the real protagonist of Akagi and--

This was a coop work between audio autismo and mod autismo anons.

To be done:

  • some magic with splicing to get more yaku
  • correct bio: do you know date of birth, age, blood type, etc...
  • better pics: do you have suggestions?

v0.2 of the Washizu mod

  • Fixed some yaku not showing up in mjs
  • Improved audio files

Cat 2 Meido Mod

Hag 2 Meido Mod

Cat/Hag 2 Meido mod, a mod that replaces cat or hag with meido. Emotes are lined up as well, so you don't look weird when emoting to other people.
Hag2mom mod Rejoice, f2pbros! For even we get to experience the Premium Whale Feel! No SP yet because hag doesn't have them.
Saki Characters for MJS

Touka for MJS
Hiroe for MJS
Hisa for MJS
Yumi for MJS

Replace your main with your favorite girl from Saki!

Youtube Playlist showcasing the mods
Optional guide to use those extensions with your main.

Dog to Xenia Change the dumb dog to Xenia.



Emote alter mod

A mod to replace the emotes into meme edits.

Alt emote update - 95 emotes now

Old Versions: [V1] [V2] [v3] [v4]

Christmas Autist

A resource pack that gives the autist Yui and her emotes Christmas hats

gdrive backup

Nozomi Toujou Hag Mod

I've made a resource pack that turns hags emotes into Nozomi Toujou from Love Live. Some chinese guy made the emotes, I just packaged it into a mod.

The mod only changes the 9 emotes in pic related, and it doesn't change actual hag into Nozomi. I think it's better this way, but if someone actually wants Nozomi modded in fully it is possible

Linovel Hat Emotes

Replacing hat emote with linovel ones.

I added a folder with both old (12 png) and chink emote (32 png), so if you don't like my choices, you can switch easily

v2 - I tried to emulate a bit yostar style to fit more

Old Versions: [v1]



Light Blue Tilebacks

Pretty light blue tilebacks for majsoul+ that replaces the default orange ones. If you want your own custom tileback, it's pretty easy to edit this mod and change the images.

1.0.1 - fixed for the new update

Old Versions: [1.0.0]

Black Tiles


Makes the tileset black.

CC-BY 4.0. Based on

Alternative - The difference between the original and this one is a font change to a similar one and that the training wheels have been dipped in gold

Old Versions: [V1]

Purple Star Tileback Pretty purple star tile backs for majsoul+. They look like pic related. They also work with training wheels, and they replace the original orange basic tiles