MJS+ modding guide
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By using mjs+ you can pratically replace every single thing in the client, going from meme mods to poorfagging """premium""" .png.

Mods are divided in resourcepacks (replacing audio or pictures) and extensions (running javascript code). Download one of each from the repository to look at them.

Mods are stored in the MJS+ folder, under either "extension" or "resourcepack" folders. They are nothing more than a folder, containing at least these files:

  1. extension/resourcepack .json, depending on which type
  2. preview image
  3. script.js/assets folder

extension.json, or resourcepack.json

This file contains the basic mod info.

This is the template:

If you want to only replace files, use only resourcepack line, and make a "resourcepack" mod.

If you want to only run a script, use only entry line, and make a "extension" mod.

If you want both, write both, but you must make an "extension" mod.

preview image

Nothing much to say, it's shown in the starting client

script.js and assets folder

If your .json has the line "entry": "script.js", script.js is the code that will be run. Sadly, I don't know JS, and the only thing I can do is modify other people scripts.

If your .json has the lines "resourcepack: ...", the assets folder is where you'll place the files that will overwrite MJS standard ones.

The original files are stored in the MJS+ folder, under static/2/v.06.xxx/

2 should stand for EN server, so if you play in chink it could be 0 or 1.

v.06.xxx is the version in which that file was first used, so while most of the files are under the lowest version number, newer things (like files for events) are under newer folders.

Now search inside the folder for what you wish to replace. Note that most abbreviations are in english, but things longer than 4 character are usually in chink.

Assuming the file you want to replace is /static/2/v.06.11/en/myres2/treasurehead/treasure_pic0709.png, you will write in the .json

and you will place in the assets folder the replacing file, with the same path (ie idofmod/assets/en/myres2/treasurehead/treasure_pic0709.png).

If you haven't fucked up, the mod should show in the MJS client, and work when enabled.

If it doesn't, it probably is something stupid such as:

If it does start but doesn't work in game:

Other things