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Mahjong Soul Resources

Game Files

Resources directly ripped from the game.

Buttons/Everything Else
Character Voices
Loading Screens
Sound Effects - BGM - etc (Probably lacking because I'm no whale and this is from my majsoul+ resource file.)

Mahjong Soul Usercripts

Get Violentmonkey or whatever userscript manager you like for these. Userscripts for Mahjong Soul's web version.

NyaggerTunes CLEAN

You'll cowards don't even riichi. Now with Youtube integration, press escape to open menu and input video IDs to replace music. Create playlists by separating with commas. (Remember to unblock youtube, ytimg and googlevideo scripts and allow site autoplay in your browser)


Press ctrl to Why

Weeb Names

For all your weeaboo needs, change WEEB_LEVEL in script if you feel like it

/mjg/ Projects

Riichi Mahjong Strategy

by Fukuchi Makoto

Translated by bookanon

A book by Fukuchi Makoto and constantly translated by a kind anon. The book is heavily focused on tile efficiency, with a highly digital (analytical) way of thinking. All of the later material about push-fold judgment and discard reading is based on good tile efficiency.

Read online

Strip Mahjong

/mjg/ streams Strip Mahjong, because why not.

Strip Mahjong: Battle Royal
Strip Mahjong: Midnight Clinical Test (gdrive backup)

Hat Playlist

Download the award-winning album for guaranteed flow.


Mahjong Soul Telegram Stickers

Sticker packs for telegram users.

1 2 3

/mjg/ Character Survey

Concluded on the 15th of January, 2020, 112 anons participated in this survey about their mahjong waifus.

Full size image

Obscure Mahjong Anime/Movies

By a kind anon.

I have Furiten-kun Movie, Super Real Mahjong (both episodes), Super Zugan, Naki no Ryuu, and Tetsuya. I hope to get the Furiten-kun OVAs soon. Note that with the exception of Tetsuya, they are all unsubbed.

Google Drive

Old Akagi Movies

Part 1
Part 2

Shin Janki movies

1st Movie Download

English Subtitles

2nd Movie | 3rd Movie | 11th Movie

/mjg/ sings Nantoka Nare

Pure unadultarated autism.

The analysis of /mjg/ questionarie - questions and answers.

Listen to kurwa address the answers from the general questionarie, as well as talk about the future of tourneys, leagues and whatnot for over an hour.

Transcript by a kind anon


Mahjong >Soul General Booru

Go get your hat edits, mspaint emotes and other various /mjg/ memes here.



/mjg/'s Divegrass Team

Bringing their mastery of flow from the mahjong parlor to the soccer field, /mjg/ is ready to take on the VGL, scoring hanemans and hat tricks with equal ease. Technically not a mobage general, even if 90% of us play on one.

implyingrigged wiki

Hime Mahjong Emotes

Himebros unite!